Who We Are

The Voter Protection Project will fight back against President Trump’s and Republicans’ attacks on our right to vote, by leading the charge to make sure every American has the right to cast a ballot.

We can’t sit back as Donald Trump, Congressional Republicans, and conservative legislatures around the country attack our fundamental right to vote. They know the best way to stay in power isn’t with a unifying message Americans can rally behind – it’s rooted in deliberate efforts to keep young Americans, people of color, and disenfranchised communities from casting a ballot.

The Voter Protection Project seeks to ensure not only that we fight back against Trump’s attack on our right to vote – but that we make sure another Donald Trump never reaches the White House.

We are committed to the philosophy that offense is the best defense. That’s why for every attack on voting rights, we will strike back. We will confront the architects of voter suppression and defeat them at the ballot box.  We will expand enfranchisement by electing candidates that are champions for voter equality and fair elections. 

Our mission is simple: We are committed to ending partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression by electing candidates at the state and federal levels that are forceful advocates for voting rights.

Our enfranchisement agenda includes working to ensure that every state has:

  • Automatic voter registration and online voter registration
  • Same day registration
  • Convenient early voting
  • “No excuse” absentee voting
  • An adequate number of polling locations, personnel, and voting booths
  • Restoration of voting rights to previously convicted Americans who have successfully completed their sentences
  • Independent redistricting commissions to ensure politicians are not able to draw their own maps