Who We Are

The Voter Protection Project will fight back against Republicans’ attacks on our right to vote by leading the charge to make sure every American has the right to cast a ballot.

We can’t sit back as Mitch McConnell, Congressional Republicans, and conservative legislatures around the country attack our fundamental right to vote. They know the best way to stay in power isn’t with a unifying message Americans can rally behind – it’s rooted in deliberate efforts to keep young Americans, people of color, and disenfranchised communities from casting a ballot.

The Voter Protection Project seeks to ensure not only that we fight back against the relentless attacks on our right to vote – but that we make sure that those in power who wish to disenfranchise Americans never hold office again.

We may have defeated Donald Trump in 2020 but his lackeys across the country continue to try and rig election laws in their favor. Enough is enough. 

VPP is committed to the philosophy that offense is the best defense. That’s why for every attack on voting rights, we will strike back. We will confront the architects of voter suppression and defeat them at the ballot box. We will expand enfranchisement by electing candidates that are champions for voter equality and fair elections. 

Our mission is clear. We are committed to:

  1. Advocating for an aggressive agenda to expand voting rights through electoral action
  1. Leading the fight against voter suppression efforts at the state and federal level by defeating those Republicans who seek to suppress our right to vote

Our bold agenda to ensure that every state has:

  • Automatic voter registration and online voter registration
  • Same day registration
  • Convenient early voting
  • “No excuse” absentee voting
  • An adequate number of polling locations, personnel, and voting booths
  • Restoration of voting rights to previously convicted Americans who have completed their sentences
  • Pre-paid postage for absentee voting
  • Eliminate voter ID requirements

In 2020

VPP was funded by over 120,000 grassroots donations and growing!

  • We invested over $8 million to support voting rights champions in their first cycle helping fund critical U.S Senate candidates, keep the House under Democratic control, and critical state legislative races ahead the 2022 redistricting. VPP helped recruit, develop, and support candidates up and down the ballot including raising over $1 million in direct donations to our endorsed candidates. 

Making the difference in key races

  • VPP endorsed over 80 voting rights champions this cycle including 2020 standouts like Ritchie Torres (NY-15), Mark Kelley (US -AZ), Abigail Spanberger (VA -07), Peter Defazio (OR-04),Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM-3), and Elaine Luria (VA-02).
  • VPP went all in for the Georgia Senate runoff election in January by investing over $1.3 million in digital ads, direct mail, TV, and over 6 figures in direct donations to both campaigns. VPP was honored to be a part of the diverse coalition that elected voting rights champions Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof to the Senate, victories that flipped control of this critical chamber back to the Democrats in 2021.
  • VPP finds the good fight 

VPP was proud to help elect and re-elect diverse representatives who are making history including: 

  • Being the biggest IE spender in New York’s 15th congressional district sending Ritchie Torres, the first Gay and Afro-Latino member of Congress
  • Defending Rep. Peter Defazio who faced one of the NRCC’s top recruits and fundraisers in a tough district that President Donald Trump lost by less than one-tenth of a point in 2016
  • Electing Mark Kelley to the U.S Senate, making history in the Grand Canyon State which will be represented by 2 Democrats in that chamber for the first time in nearly 70 years
  • Electing Teresa Leger Fernadez, the first female and Latina, to represent New Mexico’s 3rd District
  • Raising over $100,000 for frontline member Rep. Katie Porter in her first defense of California’s recently flipped 45th district 
  • Helping flip North Carolina’s 6th Congressional district and 18th State Senate seat flip from red to blue and electing voting rights champions Kathy Manning and Sarach Crawford
  • Proudly partnering with the Congressional Black Caucus PAC and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ BOLD PAC to expand the diversity of the Democratic caucus and give the underrepresented a voice

The Voter Protection Project played an instrumental part in our victory in New York’s 15th Congressional District. As the largest outside spender in the race they prevented a key ally of Donald Trump from being the next representative in New York 15. In addition to the $490,000 they spent on TV, digital ads and direct mail to boost my candidacy, VPP also used their robust digital infrastructure to grow our grassroots fundraising program. VPP understands that to make our elections accessible for all – it’s essential that we elect voting rights champions to office.”

Ritchie Torres NY-15

“I was proud to have the support and endorsement of VPP for my reelection campaign and look forward to working with them to build a strong coalition of voting rights champions in Congress. The work of VPP, to expand access to the ballot box, confront voter suppression, and protect our democracy, is more important than ever.”

Katie Porter CA-45