Our Team

Matt Liebman, President

Matt has spent the past decade as a congressional level campaign manager. In the 2016 election cycle, Matt served as campaign manager for Congressman Pete Aguilar’s hotly contested Frontline re-election campaign. In a nationally targeted race by Republicans, Matt helped guide Aguilar’s re-election to victory. Today, Matt still serves as Congressman Aguilar’s lead political advisor. Matt has also managed and overseen multi-million dollar advertising campaigns on congressional, state legislative, ballot measures, county and municipal races across the country. 

Zach Schreiber, Digital Director

With years of digital campaign experience, Zach has helped raise millions of dollars for Democratic candidates, PACs, and non-profit organizations around the country. He has created websites that boost engagement, winning email programs that fund movements, and consulted on digital strategy for dozens of Democrats.

Danny Kedem, Political Director

Danny has served as campaign manager for winning campaigns everywhere from hard-nosed mayoral races to multi-candidate gubernatorial races. At EMILY’s List, Danny helped elect multiple pro-choice Democratic women to Congress and Governor’s mansions. Danny has built and executed multi-million dollar creative advertising campaigns including helping win several critical legislative races that pushed Democrats over the top in flipping both Virginia legislative chambers blue in 2019. 

Andrew Janz, Board Member

Andrew is a deputy district attorney in Fresno County and former candidate for Congress whose insurgent campaign against Republican Devin Nunes received national attention and ignited grassroots activists and small dollar donors from all over the country — resulting in the most money raised of any Democratic challenger in the House.

Raised by immigrant parents, Andrew has lived the American dream and understands the promise that it holds — and has dedicated his life to protecting our rights and ideals. Andrew is a member of VPP’s Board of Directors.

Scott Cooper, Board Member

Scott was a career Marine, public advocate, and former candidate for Congress in North Carolina. He ran to bridge the growing partisan divide in our country and bring back the sense of common purpose he felt in the Marine Corps. Scott is a member of VPP’s Board of Directors.