Benghazi and Sandy Pensler are Moving the Needle in PPP Michigan Senate Republican Primary Poll

Sacramento, CA – A new poll released by the Voter Protection Project (VPP) shows that Mike Rodger’s favorability is taking a hit from the recent wave of spending from fellow Republican Sandy Pensler. This latest PPP poll conducted on behalf of VPP between May 22-23, 2024, of 486 likely Republican primary voters shows a potential path for the Pensler campaign to push past Trump-endorsed front-runner Mike Rodgers. 

Mike Rogers’ favorability has plummeted since Sandy Pensler began attacking him on television. This PPP survey found Rogers with 31% total approval — down nearly 30 points from his 59% high-water mark in the May 1, 2024 Emerson Poll release.

At the top of the latest poll, Mike Rogers leads in both the 4-way and 2-way votes. 

After hearing more information, including the content of the Pensler ad that’s currently running surrounding the Benghazi investigation, support for Mike Rogers drops 12 points in both the 4-way and 2-way vote. Sandy Pensler ends up leading 35-24 in the 2-way vote after hearing this information. 

With at least 40% of voters undecided in every simulated vote in this poll, it’s clear that this primary race is wide open. One number stood out above the rest when asked about the recent advertising they have seen or heard. A resounding 64% of respondents found the Benghazi information to be very concerning.

The Sandy Pensler campaign is doing exactly what they need to do to make this a competitive primary and secure their place on the general election ballot this November,” said Heather Grevenworth, Executive Director of the Voter Protection Project. “It’s clear that they did their homework and saw Mike Rogers can’t survive the Republican primary once voters learn about his actions and beliefs around the Benghazi investigation.” 


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