Elissa Slotkin Dominates in New Democratic Primary Electorate Poll Released by National Voting Rights Group

Sacramento, CA – A new poll released by the Voter Protection Project (VPP) shows a wide margin of likely Democratic primary voters have a favorable opinion of Elissa Slotkin (58%) and are overwhelmingly ready to vote for her in the upcoming Michigan Democratic primary. In both the 4-way and 2-way vote, Elissa Slotkin earns over 50% of the vote and dominates her next closest opponent by over 38 points (4-way) and 42 points (2-way) respectively.

“Elissa Slotkin is the strongest candidate in one of the most important states in our fight to retain Democratic control of the Senate. We cannot make progress on critical issues like protecting and expanding voting rights without it,” said Heather Grevenworth, Executive Director of the Voter Protection Project. “It’s clear that Elissa is a known and trusted quantity in Michigan and will be job-ready on day one to defend our democracy. She holds a commanding early lead and knows how to win tough races. We can’t afford to not send our strongest candidate to the general election and keep Michigan blue.”

The poll, which was conducted by Public Policy Polling and commissioned by VPP, also asked what experience and attributes are important to them in electing their next Senator. Elissa Slotkin eclipses the other Democratic primary candidates and holds an impressive 58% favorability rating. Over 70% of those polled were unsure about any other Democratic primary candidate.

This survey also found that voters are looking to elect a candidate who has real experience as an elected official dealing with critical issues. Those polled ranked experience in protecting and expanding voting rights (96% total importance), crafting and passing legislation (95% total importance), and championing domestic and Michigan-based manufacturing (91% total importance) as their top three attributes tested.

This 549-sample survey was conducted from December 28-29, 2023 and the full survey results and demographics can be viewed here. VPP is committed to electing voting rights champions into office, protecting and expanding the Democratic majority in the Senate, flipping control of the House, and securing a second Biden term in 2024.


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