National Voting Rights Organization Endorses Don Davis for Congress 

Sacramento – The Voter Protection Project (VPP), the largest national PAC focused on electing voting rights champions and holding Republicans accountable for their attacks on the ballot box, proudly announces support for Senator Don Davis in North Carolina’s competitive 2nd district. 

“The importance of winning North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional seat cannot be overstated,” said Heather Greven, Executive Director of the Voter Protection Project. “With the Democratic House majority on the line this fall we need candidates with a proven history of service to step up and win these toss-up seats. Senator Don Davis is that type of candidate. The Voter Protection Project is endorsing Don in this race because of his proven track record in eastern North Carolina and his deep commitment to defending voting rights for all Americans.” 

“We must do everything in our power to protect the sacred right to vote. In North Carolina, where we’ve seen unprecedented attacks on the right to access the ballot box and our free and fair elections, our leaders have an urgent responsibility to defend our Democracy,” said Don Davis. “I’m honored to have the support of the Voter Protection Project in our mission to defend our Democratic values.”

After an $8.9 million dollar inaugural cycle as an organization, the Voter Protection Project is doubling down for 2022. Don Davis joins other recently endorsed powerhouse candidates like recently elected Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury, Cheri Beasley for Senate, Tim Ryan for Senate, Hillary Scholten in MI-03, Max Rose for NY-11, Quaye Quartey for CA-25, and Christina Bohannan in IA-02. VPP will continue to make critical investments to protect and elect Democrats who will make voting easier, not harder.

Founded in 2019, the Voter Protection Project works to confront the architects of voter suppression directly at the ballot box. Following the Supreme Court’s Rucho v. Common Cause ruling, which stated that federal courts cannot regulate partisan gerrymandering, VPP has taken on the fight to defeat voter suppression state-by-state. During the 2020 cycle, they raised over $8.9-million to support candidates for office at the federal and state levels that champion fair and representative elections. Learn more about VPP by visiting,