Voter Protection Project Endorses Dr. Cameron Webb in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

Today, April 13, 2020, the Voter Protection Project is announcing their endorsement of Dr. Cameron Webb in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

Founded in 2019, the Voter Protection Project is a leading political arm working to end partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression across the country. In light of the Supreme Court’s Rucho v. Common Cause ruling last year, which stated that federal courts cannot regulate partisan gerrymandering, VPP has been taking the fight to Republicans state-by-state supporting candidates for office at the federal and state levels that are champions for voter equality. 

“We all owe a great debt to our doctors and health professionals for the work they do everyday, and today the Voter Protection Project is proud to endorse Dr. Cameron Webb for Congress,” said Voter Protection Project President Matt Liebman. “As a physician, Dr. Webb’s work has been dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of Virginians and their families. In Congress, we know Dr. Webb will turn that dedication into being a fierce advocate for those in his community who have been disenfranchised and for too long been left behind.”

Dr. Webb currently treats patients as a general internist and acts as the Director of Health Policy and Equity at UVA’s School of Medicine. He was born and raised in Virginia, and currently resides in Albemarle County with his wife and two children. 

“From partisan gerrymandering to restrictive Voter ID laws, unlawful voter purges to efforts at voter intimidation, there’s no shortage of undertakings—both past and present—to suppress the voting rights of certain groups in the country.” said Dr. Webb. “In Congress, I will make it a priority to ensure justice and equity in our democratic processes, and stand ready to take on the political and special interests that stand in the way of fundamental fairness.”

Virginia’s 5th congressional district is a key pickup opportunity for Democrats in the November elections and Dr. Webb is the best candidate to lead this district into the future. 

The state of Virginia has a deep rooted history of advancing restrictive voting measures. In 2012, the Republican State Legislature passed a strict Voter ID law that disproportionately made it more difficult for the elderly, low-income and minority communities from being able to register to vote. The Voter Protection Project made significant investments in 2019 to flip the Virginia State Legislature. With Democratic majorities in the 2020 General Assembly, the legislature successfully moved legislation forward to repeal the state’s Voter ID law, implement early voting, same day voter registration and near automatic registration through the state’s DMV. 

The Voter Protection Project plans to put their full weight behind Dr. Webb’s candidacy. 

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