Voter Protection Project Endorses Teresa Leger Fernandez in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District

Today, the Voter Protection Project is announcing their endorsement of Teresa Leger Fernandez in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District.

Founded in 2019, the Voter Protection Project is a leading political arm working to end partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression across the country. In light of the Supreme Court’s Common Cause ruling last year, VPP has been taking the fight to Republicans state-by-state supporting candidates for office at the federal and state levels that are champions for voter equality. 

“Teresa Leger Fernandez hasn’t just been a voting rights champion for decades, she has been a voting rights champion who has won”, said Voter Protection Project President Matt Liebman. “As an attorney and civil rights advocate, Teresa has spent decades fighting voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. In Congress, we know that Teresa will continue to take on the tough challenges to bring justice and equality for all.”

“Protecting our democracy has been my life’s work, ” said Teresa Leger Fernandez. “Whether protecting Native American voters from gerrymandering, or working to ensure early voting sites were placed in our rural communities, I know firsthand that access and equality for all voters is more critical than ever. I will take my decades of experience on voting rights to Congress to fight against voter suppression and for electoral reform. I am proud to have the Voter Protection Project’s support in this effort.”

For 30 years, Teresa has been a tireless advocate for social change and voting rights in her community. As a social impact lawyer, Teresa fought for and won the Voting Rights Act claims to protect voters from gerrymandered districts in 2001 and 2011. She also won the lawsuit that forced the City of Santa Fe to implement the ranked-choice voting system that citizens had voted into law a decade earlier.

New Mexico’s open 3rd Congressional District is a historically Democratic district, and Teresa is the Democrat with the background, experience and campaign organization needed to win this seat.

The Voter Protection Project plans to put their full weight behind Teresa’s candidacy.